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      Tantalum Pentafluoride
      Tantalum Oxyfluorides
      Tantalum Dichloride
      Tantalum Trichloride
      Tantalum Tetrachloride
      Tantalum Pentachloride
      Tantalum Oxychlorides
      Bromotantalum Bromide
      Tantalum Tribromide
      Tantalum Pentabromide
      Tantalum Oxybromide
      Tantalum Pentiodide
      Tantalum Dioxide
      Tantalum Pentoxide
      Pertantalic Acid
      Tantalum Peroxyfluorides
      Tantalum Disulphide
      Tantalum Sulphates
      Tantalum Mononitride
      Tritantalum Pentanitride
      Tantalum Carbide
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Tantalum Oxyfluorides

Vanadium yields more or less stable oxyfluorides, and an oxyfluoride of pentavalent niobium, NbOF3, has been prepared in the dry way, but in the case of tantalum, free oxyfluorides are unknown. Tantalum oxytrifluoride, TaOF3, does occur, however, in combination with ammonium and potassium fluorides in some double salts. The latter are not so numerous as the analogous niobium compounds, and differ from them also in method of preparation, since they are not formed in the presence of hydrofluoric acid, which gives rise to the double fluorides described above. On being boiled, the double oxyfluorides of tantalum undergo ready hydrolysis, and precipitate either tantalic acid or an oxyfluoride in which the proportion of tantalic acid is greater than in the original salt.

Ammonium Tantalum Oxyfluorides

Ammonium Tantalum Oxyfluorides or ammonium fluoroxytantalates. - A substance which has the composition 3NH4F.TaOF3 or has been obtained by dissolving tantalic acid in a hot, concentrated solution of ammonium fluoride and cooling, whereupon large transparent octahedra are thrown down. This fluoride is isomorphous both with the corresponding niobium salt, 3NH4F.NbOF3, and with the double fluorides of some metals in which the oxygen atom is substituted by another fluoride atom, for example ammonium titanium fluoride, SNH4F.TiF4. Evaporation of ammonia from the mother-liquors and cooling yields crystals of the compound 3NH4.HF.TaOF3.

Potassium Tantalum Oxyfluoride

Potassium Tantalum Oxyfluoride, 4KF.2TaF5.Ta2O5 or Ta2O5. 2(2KF.TaF5). - Two other potassium tantalum oxyfluorides have been reported, 2KF.TaOF3 and 3KF.TaOF3.
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