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Tantalum Oxychlorides

A tantalum oxychloride of composition TaO2Cl has been obtained by subliming tantalum pentachloride in a vacuum at 500° C. Various oxychlorides of unknown composition are stated to be obtained by the action of tantalum pentachloride on alcohol solutions of hydrochloric acid. The following pyridine and quinoline addition compounds have been prepared: 4TaO2Cl.7C5H5N; Ta2O3Cl4.4(C5H5N.HCl); 2TaOCl3.3(C5H5N.HCl).2C2H5OH; TaOCl3.2(C2H5N. HCl).2C2H5OH; 2TaOCl3.3(C5H5N.HCl).2C2H5OH; TaOCl3.2(C9H7N. HCl).2C2H5OH.

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