Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Tantalum Pentafluoride
      Tantalum Oxyfluorides
      Tantalum Dichloride
      Tantalum Trichloride
      Tantalum Tetrachloride
      Tantalum Pentachloride
      Tantalum Oxychlorides
      Bromotantalum Bromide
      Tantalum Tribromide
      Tantalum Pentabromide
      Tantalum Oxybromide
      Tantalum Pentiodide
      Tantalum Dioxide
      Tantalum Pentoxide
      Pertantalic Acid
      Tantalum Peroxyfluorides
      Tantalum Disulphide
      Tantalum Sulphates
      Tantalum Mononitride
      Tritantalum Pentanitride
      Tantalum Carbide
    PDB 1dd4-3enh

Tantalum Carbide, TaC

Tantalum Carbide, TaC, has been prepared by heating a mixture of tantalum pentoxide and carbon in a molybdenum boat at 1250° C. in a stream of hydrogen, or by the action of hydrogen and carbon monoxide on tantalum pentachloride. It is a dark grey or black substance which is insoluble in all acids, and burns to the pentoxide when powdered and heated in air. Density = 13.96. It melts with decomposition at 4100° abs., which is probably the highest melting-point yet recorded for a chemical compound. Its hardness coefficient lies between 9 and 10. It is a good conductor of electricity. For its crystal structure see reference cited.

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